Do you want to feel good? Be active! – Disabled Gym

Do you want to feel good? Be active!

There are only few things that people cannot live without. Air, water, healthy food, positive thoughts and last but not least, physical activity.

Let’s take a closer look why being fit and strong with high stamina, endurance and flexibility is so important for you, nevertheless your health or physical boundaries you might face.

It is proved that physical activity of any kind releases endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are just a complicated word for something that we can simply call happiness hormone. That is the reason why after every workout you feel s-o-o-o good. Not to mention satisfaction and self-esteem that grow right from every improvement and capability of lifting higher weight or perform more repetitions. Feeling good about us is important, right?

Of course, being active stimulate our brains in a lot of other ways, helping us going through day to day activities much easier. And there is a whole spectrum of pure, physical benefits that make your life better, easier, healthier and, yes, often also with less or even no pain. Strong muscles support your joints, releasing the load pressure and thus prevent cartilage damage and joint swelling. Flexibility eases your movement and helps your joints stay in good condition. Overall stamina is your ally in day-to-day efforts, whether physical or psychical. It all gives you higher level of independence and freedom.

Do you need more reasons why regular workouts are good for you? Well, being part of a broader community of mind-like is definitely another one. But let stop here. Take your time and think through. If you read this article so far it probably means you feel you should do more for yourself but maybe you think your disability is a serious boundary that is impossible to cross? We are so happy to show you how simple is to start. Curious? Read our tips on how to incorporate activity in your life style without risking losing your beginner’s drive.