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Let’s make disable ABLE!

Looking back in time there were only two possible outcomes for a child living in a neighborhood like mine was: I could easily become a bully and an addict, or I could put my energy in more healthy kind of living and become an athlete.

Luckily for me there was a crowd around of some older boys who played rugby. They were loud and rough, but also honest and hardworking. Before I knew it they took me in. I was only teen and something, but it changed my life forever. Not only I became a part of something bigger than me, part of healthy social community, soon I started to realize that sport is my life purpose.

Nevertheless I successfully played in Slovene national rugby team I knew deep inside that becoming a professional athlete is not my thing. I always wanted to help other people, especially athletes; therefore my first choice for study was physiotherapy. Being rejected was one of the first obstacles I have to jump over. I have learned then that I never take no for an answer. There is always a way…

I ended up studying sport therapy. I started to cooperate with different clubs, teams and individual athletes that needed my help and I was invited by Slovene association of disabled athletes to work with deaf athletes. I was on the road I was meant to be. I was able to fulfill two of the most precious aims in my life, helping people and sport.

The rest is history. I work with disabled people, not only athletes, for almost 20 years now. Almost as long as that I run my private gym studio. I am dreaming of establishing a sport center where disabled people will be able to hang out and of course work out for free. I am living my soul purpose with humble gratitude.

DisableGym is just one of the most logical steps on this path. When logistics and accessibility are often a challenge for those who experience any kind of reduced mobility, I would like to reverse this challenge. With on-line DisableGym I can bring specially designed workout to anybody straight to their home. You see, I never give up. Neither should you. Come and join me. Let’s make disable ABLE!